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    Our Technology

    The Advanced Technology Behind D-Dart

    D-dart is a new, and powerful toy blaster gun that uses advanced technology and a high tech manufacturing process that offers more versatility and more accurate aiming. This is all in a more sleek design than a traditional blaster toy that was able to come to life with our simulation software.

    High Tech Engineering For The Most Advanced Blaster

    Our D-Dart Tempest is one of the most innovative dart blasters out in the market currently. Not only is it innovative, sleek and contains a smart design – it’s one of the faster blasters out there. It only takes 4-5 seconds to shoot all 28 darts, and has a high range of up to 75 feet..

    US Based Quality Control

    D-Dart technical engineers work together to create the unique product specifications of our innovative dart blasters that are in the market currently. D-Dart ensures that our team verifies the product’s workmanship on mass production based on your Quality Control guidelines, to provide an overview of the finished Dart blasters quality, and highlight areas for improvement with our high tech manufacturing processes in Hong Kong and with our experienced engineers based in Israel & Russia.

    We also perform product function assessments to ensure compliance with the specifications of our product line consisting of the Tempest, Tempest Pro, Blizzard, and many more. D-Dart goes further than the average dart blaster manufacturer. Our logistics and headquarters are in our USA office, based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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