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    Our Team

    The Team Behind D-Dart

    Herman Joukov
    Herman JoukovFounder & CEO
    Oleg Zukov
    Oleg ZukovFounder - CTO
    Nemo Rotem
    Nemo RotemEngineer & Co-Founder
    Joe Lengson
    Joe LengsonSocial Media Manager & Photographer
    Miles Berry
    Miles BerryUSA Logistics
    MarinaGraphic & Industrial Designer

    Our Development Team

    The team at D-Dart is capable of understanding the why, inside and out. From product ideas that turn into research that guides specifications to conversations with the rest our toy lovers, the product team is lining up the D-dart products and darts in order so experienced engineers can focus on the technical problems.

    The team at D-Dart consists of highly experienced mechanical engineers and production specialists.

    We use high tech engineers and simulation software to ensure that D-Dart goes from idea to production with our industrial designers that oversee the project. As any would, our team dreams big, but they must also manage expectations and align goals with those of the overall business of our company.

    That’s why we carry a great engineering lead involved early in the planning process of our product production to build cross-team cohesion globally in our locations.

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