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D-Dart Tempest


(4 customer reviews)
  • Single handed operation
  • Single shot or fully automatic operation
  • Holds 28 darts
  • Fires darts long range
  • Compact and easy setup
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Not only do we provide innovative and smart design solutions with our products, but The D-Dart Tempest is also able to hold up to 28 darts each load which makes it stand out from others.

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Weight 1 kg

4 reviews for D-Dart Tempest

  1. Mickey

    Grandson loved it, worked well.

  2. Deborah Montgomery

    This is such a fun toy!

  3. Sandy M

    My 8 year old love his gun. I also found after using it myself that it performs well without jams and the farts actually stick to smooth surfaces.

  4. Yan Gorshtenin

    Very neat blaster that my son loves. Fairly accurate and fast shooting.

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