Introducing the D-Dart Tempest

The worlds fully automatic dart blaster, that’s right.

Not only is the D-Dart Tempest fully automatic, but it is also packed with innovative and sleek features such as large drums that hold our custom dart bullets it holds up to 28 darts which come with all purchased products online or in-store.

While keeping a unique design, customers can use the D-Dart Tempest whether they are left or right-handed. You’ll be able to use it with only one hand for the same enjoyment.

Affordable Products & Compact Packaging

In Demand & The Next Generation Of Handheld Dart Blasters.

Our experienced team is primarily focused on reinventing the wheel every day. D-Dart breaks the mold of toy design, providing premium toy products worldwide. We offer the next generation of Dart blasters online and in-stores!

The D-Dart Tempest comes in a smart design and form that combines a uniquely compact size with the ability to hold a great amount of ammo.


One of the most unique dart blasters you’ve ever seen.

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“Awesome blaster. I like how compact it is, yet holds more darts than other larger blasters. Buying another one soon. Great toy! Looks like cool bluster, compact and light.”
Blasterio, Target Customer Review

I bought the Tempest online for my daughter and son to play, especially for Christmas, and they loved it beyond words. I’m so happy with my purchase. 

Stephen C,, Amazon Review

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