Introducing D-Dart Tempest

The World’s Most Companct Full Auto

Dart Blaster.

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Introducing the D-Dart Tempest

The World’s Most Compact Full Auto Dart Blaster

Yep! You heard that right! The D-Dart Tempest is taking you one step closer to being a superhero in real life. With our fully automatic one-handed dart blaster, your only limit is your imagination.

Not only is the D-Dart Tempest fully automatic, but it is also packed with innovative and sleek features that gives it its unique compact-size form. The dart blaster is designed with a large rotating cylinder that holds our custom dart bullets in its compartments. The cylinder holds up to 28 darts, which comes as a freebie with all our purchased products, be it online or in-store.

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We Offer The Next Generation Of Handheld Dart Blasters

Our team of experienced designers focuses on reinventing the wheel each day and making it better. A t D-Dart, we are always focused on progress. We strive to break the mold of toy design providing premium toy products worldwide. Our goal is to bring tomorrow’s toys today. We offer the next-generation of dart blasters online and in stores today!

The D-Dart Tempest offers a smart design and form that combines a compact size with the amazing ability to hold a great load of ammo to ensure continuous shooting before you have to reload.


The most awesome dart blaster you’ve ever seen.

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“The D-dart tempest is certainly a unique blaster. It’s got an anime mecha gauntlet feel to it (a la Ember Celica), and a deviously simple pusher mech for its defining ’round grip drum mag design.”

Luke Goodman - Out Of Darts

“What a unique blaster idea love the design and aesthetics, my son is gonna love this for sure! The recommended age for this blaster is 8+. Those are the base stats so lets crack it open and dive deeper. Dart compatibility is something that needs to be considered but if you have lots of Zuru X Shot Darts you will be fine.”

Cj Nerf

“D-Dart is a new company to the Nerf blaster seen. The D-dart Tempest is a pretty sweet first release and something completely different from their competition.”

Naptown Nerf

“The included darts are quite 90’s style and simple. The on/off mechanism is very cool and just activates the fly wheel when you pull the trigger. I’ve never seen something like before, it’s wild.”


“D-Dart’s new Cyclone, Tempest V2 (Not shown), Tempest Pro, Blizzard, Hailstorm, Twin Tornado, and Vortex blasters are coming out next year and they look absolutely incredible! Take one design for a “NERF” shooting blaster, and modify it in several cleaver ways to make a whole new line of innovative and impressive looking products!”


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